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Success Stories

Paul has worked with over 130 students in over 8 countries, implementing the necessary tactics to build their businesses.

“From $30k Salary To $23K /Month”

Commercial Advertiser

“From $0 To $30k /Month”

Lasik Marketer

“I Get Time With My Kids Again” 

Dentist Marketer

“$100k /Year From 3 Clients”

Digital Marketer

“First $4,500 Sale In 3 Weeks”

Wedding Filmmaker

“10X ROI On The Program”

Real Estate Digital Marketer

“First $6,600 In 2 Weeks”

Startup Commercial Filmmaker

“$10,000 In Profit From $900 In Ads”

Wedding Photographer

Live Events

I hired Paul to help me start my commercial filmmaking business as I was transitioning out of my 9-5 job a little over a year ago. In December 2017 we made $50,000! Now we’re on track to get to one million in sales in 2018.

Andres Ribot

Founder, Ribot Studios

I started working with Paul about 6 months ago when I was at a point where I was making good money but I was stressed out and working 12 hour days on multiple businesses. With Paul’s help, I’ve been able to get my life back, focus on one business and grow it to over $30,000 per month and now I’m confident in my plan to get to 7 figures next year. Matt Currie

Owner, Lasik Marketing Agency

I got my fist sale today!!! Super excited! Great couple! Great venue! It was almost too easy. You could tell the ad did its job they were exactly what I have been looking for and they were really ready to make a decision. It was great! Another great thing is I think my second sale is around the corner. I had another meeting and they are just securing funds from their parents. I thought this couple would not like the cost but when I asked is this something that would be in your budget they didn’t bat an eyelash! So happy! before now I have only gotten paid $1200 for one wedding and all my other weddings have been for like $900. I just made a $2,600 sale and they may add a print credit on top of this!! Thank you, Paul Xavier! Kaitlin Butler

Owner, Mc Cue Photography

In the last month (04/16-05/16) I’ve gotten 21 leads and over 6 sales with more pending. In the last 6 days alone, I’ve had 10 leads come. I literally opened my wedding business January 1st of this year! (I really didn’t want to post this because I didn’t want to jinx myself, but really wanted to share because I’m so excited. lol) Stacy Harris

Founder, Two Hearts Photography

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