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About Paul Xavier

Founder of Next Level Creators & Creators Mastermind.

How Paul Xavier Became A Creator…

Creating films and taking pictures was always a hobby for Paul growing up (as it is for many)…

Referring to his younger self as a “dorky kid with a lisp” Paul’s love for cameras and story telling came in his high school photo & digital class. At 21 years old Paul founded an advertising agency fueled with large optimistic dreams and within 3 years was able to grow the business to over 1 million in sales.

In the cutthroat industry of advertising Paul quickly learned to go against popular advice and do things differentlySince 2015 Paul has helped 12 people build 6 figure businesses and according to Paul…

Most Commercial Photographers & Filmmakers Have It Wrong

They focus on imitating what other successful photographers and filmmakers have done which produces very little value and innovation. There is a big myth that becoming a successful commercial filmmaker or photographer is all about creating a great brand and getting 50,000 Facebook/Youtube/Instagram followers. 

But Paul argues the only thing that matters is getting paying clients and using your passion for film and photography to making a significant impact in your client’s lives. Today, Paul helps creators break out of the highly competitive photography & filmmaking industries (real estate, weddings, fashion, etc…) and find untapped markets where filmmaking and photographer are massive value-adds.

Working with filmmakers and photographers specifically to figure out what the vision and dream they have for their lives is. Then what mindset, tools and strategies do they need to achieve that dream.

Once the dream has been defined, then they work together to develop the exact steps they need to take to accomplish those dreams, including:

  • Exactly how many meetings do we need to have on our calendars each week?
  • Exactly how many clients do we need?
  • How are we going to get those clients?
  • How much is it going to cost to get new and ideal clients?
  • How much time is it going to take?
  • Who do we need to help us?
  • What do we need to learn?
  • What do we need to say?

These questions are important to have the answers to.

If you don’t have a clear and detailed plan over the most important part of your business, sales & marketing, it has a way of never actually happening and those dreams, never come true.

If you are ready to take your filmmaking or photography business to the next level…

Take a look at Paul’s success stories of how we helped some of his clients start to finally gain control over the growth of their business and gain new freedom in their lives that they never before thought was possible.

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