• Name: Andre Ortiz
  • Creative: Video Producer
  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Description:

    How Andre Ortiz found confidence in his ability to sell video services by practicing Earn The Deal.


All right. What's up guys? My name is Andre. Um, I'm a filmmaker and content creator here in Orlando, Florida is my review of the next level creators program. Um, before the program I really didn't know which way I wanted to take my business. I was kind of just, um, doing whatever project came along and uh, just trying to look for a, a quick way to make some money. Um, and actually found Paul, uh, through a Facebook ad. I decided to click on the link and ended up booking a call with them. We explained the program and uh, it seemed like he was giving a lot of value. So I decided to join. Um, my experience in the program has been, uh, has been great. Uh, my perspective on how I used to think about business and, and the way I want it to go about it completely changed. He, um, he introduced me to some, um, thought processes and, and just perspectives on looking at business. Uh, and it definitely turned it around. Um, and then this, this course has really affected my life in a way where I'm not really scared to sell anymore. Um, I used to be terrified of, you know, um, uh, pitching to, to people and to, um, to clients and, and Paul really taught me how to, um, just, you know, stay calm and, and just try to diagnose their problem and try to solve the problem, uh, for, for the client. Um, sorry, I'm just looking at my notes here. Uh, I see my business just taken off from here. Um, I haven't really, I've just been really busy with some, some other things. I have a really, um, really implemented, um, commercial campaigns, but I have implemented, um, content creation, uh, for people. And just the way I've talked to clients and the way I go about, uh, communicated with them has completely just, just changing them a lot more calm and in a lot more, uh, just myself and a, I would definitely recommend this course to somebody who wants to scale their business, um, scale or just they're, they're just hire a team, um, and really just grow beyond six and even beyond seven figures. Um, the, the live event that, uh, Paul put on here in Orlando was great. I got a lot of value from it. So I would definitely would recommend this course to somebody who's wanting to really grow their, um, their business.