• Name: Nick LaGrange
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Raleigh, NC
  • Description:

    Nick is a news anchor in Raleigh, NC who has been looking to grow his video production business. He talks about the confidence and understanding of distribution he has gained from the Next Level Creators program.


All right. My name is Nicholas Grange. I have big with the next level creators program for since about last October, I guess however long that's been and making this video right now to get version four of the program. I'd love to see it. $7,800 value. You get it for free. Who Doesn't love free stuff? Making the video and entering it into this contest I had, I had plans to make a much better video, much more produced video, but I just frankly not had enough time lately to do that kind of thing. So this is what's happening. Just got off work a short time ago and my, my day job, which is I'm actually a news anchor for a local news station here in North Carolina. It is right now about 11:00 PM a couple of days before the deadline. So I thought I'd just sit down and go on and talk about the program here a little bit in my apartment. So I feel like a lot of people in this program are probably used to making really great videos for people and then getting to the end of that process and not having any idea how to tell them how to properly distribute it to get more sales to get more reach on social media. I was definitely one of those people had no clue how to do that before taking this program. Uh, be honest with you, I still haven't landed a commercial campaign client that's been due to a number of reasons in my life. Uh, but coming back around to it got a lot of hot leads, a lot of warm leads as Paul would put it and a, that's just a matter of time. Before that happens. I really focused it on real estate and had a lot of clients who I shoot listing videos for. We do market update type videos with real estate and a working closely with some people who are definitely going to be involved in my commercial campaign plans going forward. I've already mentioned it to a couple of them. They're definitely interested. Just a matter of time before we actually get that going. But I feel like the program, uh, it's taught me a lot. It's taught me how to not only make a great video, but how to show people how to use it properly by the end of the production so they can actually make sales with it, which is something I definitely didn't know how to do before. And uh, the program is also been a great distraction for me personally lately. I've gone through a lot in my personal life. My wife and I were going through the program together and then we decided that we would separate and move toward a divorce. So, uh, that's been a hard time in my life, but this program has been a very good distraction for me in that regard. It's been a very productive distraction for me, which I think is the best kind of distraction you can have. And a while that's been a tough time in my life, I really feel like I didn't have the program right now. I probably be more lost than I currently am in the business world. Not really knowing what the next steps are going forward. This program, I feel like it's given me a pretty good roadmap for what I need to do in order to make my business successful just on my own without having a hardener in it right now and I, I very much appreciate that. I'm so glad I finally actually took to heart and one of the emails that I got from Paul from being on his mailing list sometime ago and invest in this program because I just feel like it's given me the kind of confidence I need as an entrepreneur a very short time and as somebody who really hasn't had any prior experience with a how to distribute properly on social media or how to leverage videos and sales, I feel like I've got more confidence than I ever would have had if I didn't use program before and I can't wait to see what version four looks like. So I just want to thank you very much, Paul, for putting this program together. A version for, I'm very much looking forward to you as no idea what's going to be in that. Frankly, I'm still really working on the last version since I was held up for some time the past few months with all these things have been going on in my personal life. But, uh, I'm getting back around to it. I noticed a matter of time, just got to keep working. I think what I like most about the program is that it's not only just a roadmap, it's a roadmap, and you have the Heco work into it. You could have all the education in the world and never stepped foot outside your door and making everything happen. Vice versa. You could have the best work ethic in the world and has no clue what you're doing in either way. You're not going to get anywhere. But when you bring those two together, which I believe this program does, you can definitely get somewhere and you get somewhere quickly. You can get somewhere with more successfully than you would have if you didn't have those two things coming together. So I just want to thank you, Paul, for putting this together and a cheers to you, ma'am.
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