• Name: Carmen Tyler
  • Creative: Cinematographers
  • Location: Aguascalientes, Mexico
  • Description:

    Carmen and Tyler have been working in video production for years, offering the traditional sales model of one off projects to clients with no real way to track results. After joining Next Level Creators, they feel confident to approach potential clients with a clear method of distribution to produce tangible value with their videos.


No, yeah. Before the NLC program, what were we doing? The NLC program in the community. We were a business that relied on word of mouth. We had a lot of one off clients. We don't have a predictable system to get clients on demand and we didn't have any, uh, besides video quality, anything that really separated us from the competition as part of our business model. And we were trading in hours of her time for money and it was hard because I'm always leave, you only have so many hours the trading and if you want to scale or if you want to make more money for business model, we just had to put more hours in and we were strolling with charging more for our work. We were struggling with stress as a result of, you know, that lack of stability and financial predictability. Yeah. I think that was a huge factor of stress. Um, you know, trying to figure out when the next client was coming in and being able to offer them the best bang for their buck. How much value can we actually get them? Well that was scrolling to Facebook and we were trying all sorts of different things because we knew there had to be a better way to roll. I also of a Christian and I've found Paul's ad and it made a while they watch the free training and you know, made a lot of sense. We were really, this is what we were looking for. Yeah. It was like Paul had just come out of our computer screen and it was like, this is your problem. And I know exactly the solution. I'd say our experience working with Paul has been extremely positive. Uh, having access to a private Facebook group where all the other members can go on and interact with each other and ask their questions and receive answers, um, is been extremely helpful in terms of the progress we've made and applying this new business model. It's been really slow progress just because when we started, we were already taking on a lot of debt, but this was something that we couldn't say no to a so it ha it kicked us into overdrive, you know, to, to get even more clients to get even more work in order to pay off our debts. Um, but at the same time setting up the infrastructure so that when we are debts were cleared and, and we had, you know, finished up some contracts that we were ready to press go and really implement all the things that we were learning in the program. Well, I think for the business side, it's allowed us to sort of set up the infrastructure while we move out of our old business model into this new one. Um, like we said before, it's been really difficult and slow start just because of the amount of debts and contracts that we already had going. Um, but more importantly for our lives, it's changed our mindset. It's made us look at things totally differently. You know, it's, it's given us more confidence to say, this is what want and this is where I want to go. Where are we see ourselves going is moving into a bigger market. We are going to take this and go somewhere where we know it will be effective. When we know that people will respond well to the value that we want to bring them. We see ourselves having more freedom, having more time, being more creative. There's a lot of personal projects that we've wanted to do that and we just had to say no to just because we didn't know where our next source of income was coming from so we couldn't justify being creative and I think now that we have this knowledge of where we want to go and what we want to do, it's going to be much more easier for us to be predictable in the sense that blow we know what we can do with our time and having that freedom not only with time but also financially. Yeah, I would definitely recommend the NLC program to any filmmaker or videographer who owns a business and who his clients are. Also businesses because this is the best way to offer them value and not only that installs the best way to scale your business and to add predictability and really add value to what you're offering. Yeah, I agree. I would highly recommend this program for all of those same points. I think one of the biggest things is having that predictability and removing the stress of where's your next source of income coming from and being confident that you're giving your clients the best value. So yeah, I think we definitely recommend this for anybody who's running a videography business. Anything else? No, I guess we'll find it out.
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