Go Creative Show Podcast – How To Build A Production Company


Recently I was a guest on Ben Consoli’s Podcast, the Go Creative Show.

I went deep into the challenges I’ve seen so many creatives struggle with over the last 5 years and how to overcome them.

And what it boils down to is this…

Nothing matters more to your client than the value you are providing them.

AKA… The returns they see from your content.

It used to be a game changer to provide higher quality video resolution, but now that playing field has been leveled (thanks to a market flooded with low priced 4K cameras and cheap handheld stabilizers).

So what can you offer a client that is going to put you above the rest?

In the episode you will learn:

  • How to go from being told what to do, to being considered a trusted advisor
  • Why leading with value is always a win-win in commercial video production
  • What it takes to leverage your video work to add $100k – $1m to your production company this year

Enjoy the Podcast!

Seize the day,
– Paul Xavier

Transcript / MP3